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My Normal Updates

  • February 2016:
    • My Normal is a Friend of Rare Disease Day with special activities planned for the 9th edition of this international awareness raising day

  • November 2015:
  • October 2015:
  • March 2015:
    • Women Are Definitely From Venus, Elaine Benton for the Huffington Post UK—"For not all stories begin 'Once upon a time' and finish with 'and they all lived happily ever after', as every patient's story of living with a rare disease is unique."
  • February 2015:
  • November 2014:  
  • October 2014: 
    • Emma's Garden: Growing with Gaucher shown in the National Gaucher Foundation, Inc. (USA) Virtual Theatre during October's Gaucher Awareness Month
  • June 2014:
  • May 2014: 
    • Running with Roses, a new post about an inspiring My Normal storytelling connection, at Running for Rare Diseases (Running4Rare)  
  • October 2013: 
  • Fall 2013: 
    • Redefining Normal: A New Website Reaches Out to Children with Rare Diseases, Gaucher Connection Vol4 Issue1 (download issue, article starts on page 2)