Friday, March 28, 2014

He is…

When I am away from him I feel sad for him. I feel angry that he has to go through life faced with such an overwhelming challenge. I feel scared of the unknown.
I can read a lot of literature about Gaucher disease but I feel I can never truly understand it. I can't comprehend how my beautiful nephew has it. It feels mysterious to me.
When I am with him I see my imaginative, caring, generous, intelligent, courageous, mindful and mature nephew. He is not sad. He is living his life as any child would.
He is strength
He is love
He is positivity
He is a reminder of the beauty in life
He is my amazing nephew and when I am with him he is not Gaucher. That is part of him but he does not allow it to be who he is!
He is not afraid.
He is a fighter
He is my everything!
-Poem from Cody’s Aunt Michelle
Calgary, Canada

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