Friday, March 28, 2014

The Way I See it

Interview with Cody from Calgary, Canada 

Interview conducted by Cody's Mom, Anita

1.     What is Gaucher disease?
It’s a disease where you have to get a treatment of enzyme that breaks down fats, and it can make me tired if I don’t get my treatment.

2.     Do you think you are different because you have Gaucher disease?
Yes, it’s a rare disease, not many people have it. And in my school I think I am the only one that has it.

3.     Is there anything you can’t do because you have Gaucher disease?
Yes, I can’t play football because if I get hit in the chest I would have to go to the hospital.

4.     What is hard about having this disease?

I don’t like that if I have to get a new port put in, I have to miss school and most of all gym! Sometimes I feel tired and I do not like the “pokes”.

5.    Is there anything good about having Gaucher disease?
Yes, I get my treatment and when I get my treatment I get to play video games. I also get to do really fun things at patient meetings. I am different.

6.    What advice would you give to a child who just find out they have Gaucher disease?
STAY CALM and it’s going to be okay. If you like video games, get your treatment as much as you can.

7.     Do you think it’s cool to have Gaucher disease? (Cody wanted to add this question.)
Yes, because not many people have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO-SHAY!!!!

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